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Welcome to Pre-Ban Armory! We are expanding our selection to provide more of what you need. Look forward to more inventory for more modern rifles in addition to our collectable rifles. We have been collecting, trading, buying and selling pre-ban guns since 1990 and we are excited to see how firearms will continue to grow as we move forward.

For states who are looking for Pre-Ban specific accessories and magazines, please be sure you check the description as many new products are not Pre-Ban.

Please Note: We are working to enable credit cards on the website, but for now please use the offline cart and we will contact you for payment and shipping instructions.  Thank You!

New Products:

Heckler and Koch 91

Heckler and Koch 91$1599.99 Sold Out

This is a great rifle for anyone looking to begin collecting or to step into the realm of Pre-Ban rifles. The HK 91 is a battle rifle that will keep on shooting. It has been repainted and there are marks on the receiver and it shows some claw marks. The date code puts production at … [View Details]

Galil 372 ARM 5.56

Galil 372 ARM 5.56$3050.00 Sold Out

Good condition Magnum Research Galil 372 ARM chambered in 5.56mm, .223 Remington, 18″ barrel, includes 3 magazines. The handguard is original wood. No “S” mark making it is a true pre-ban rifle, and a great addition to any collection. For more information on the history of the Galil Galil Rifle History

Heckler and Koch 41

Heckler and Koch 41$9124.99 Sold Out

This is a rare Sante Fe import HK 41 chambered in 7.62×51. It is a very early import that has the original HK designed pin on the lower. Comes with 2 original magazines and an HK collapsable buttstock.

Heckler and Koch 91

Heckler and Koch 91$3499.99 Sold Out

This is a beautiful HK 91 rifle chambered in 308. Comes with factory MSG 90 adjustable buttstock with heavy buffer, PSG 1 trigger group and HK steel bipod. Scope and scopemount included. Comes with 1 magazine. http://www.prebanarmory.com/heckler-and-koch-91/

4 LE Stamped HK 9mm Magazines for MP5 and Clones

4 LE Stamped HK 9mm Magazines for MP5 and Clones$160.00 Sold Out

These are LE stamped HK 9mm magazines. Two 30 round magazines and two rare 15 round magazines. The 30 round magazines show wear from use, and the 15 round magazines show very little wear from use. All markings are clear and legible.

2 HK 9mm Magazines with Clamp for MP5, MP5k, SP89 and Clones

2 HK 9mm Magazines with Clamp for MP5, MP5k, SP89 and Clones$150.00 Sold Out

Two original HK 9mm Magazines, not LE stamped, with original magazine clamp. Some wear from use but the overall condition is excellent. Will work in MP5, MP5k, HK94, SP89, MKE and Clones.

Valmet M76 .223

Valmet M76 .223$1649.99 Sold Out

This is a beautiful example of an M76 Valmet chambered in .223. No cracks in the buttstock, comes with a 30 round Valmet magazines. No major rust, wear from the safety.