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Welcome to Pre-Ban Armory! We are expanding our selection to provide more of what you need. Look forward to more inventory for more modern rifles in addition to our collectable rifles. We have been collecting, trading, buying and selling pre-ban guns since 1990 and we are excited to see how firearms will continue to grow as we move forward.

For states who are looking for Pre-Ban specific accessories and magazines, please be sure you check the description as many new products are not Pre-Ban.

Please Note: We are working to enable credit cards on the website, but for now please use the offline cart and we will contact you for payment and shipping instructions.  Thank You!

New Products:

Swiss SIG 550 – 551 Hard Case Free Shipping!

Swiss SIG 550 – 551 Hard Case Free Shipping!$900

After searching Switzerland for months we finally located the last of the SIG 550 series hard cases. What makes these very rare is that they are brand new in the box. These were manufactured several years ago and have been sitting at the wholesaler warehouse. From the exporter that located them for us:  ”I was offered … [View Details]

Black Swiss SIG SG 550 Stock with Mounting Hardware

Black Swiss SIG SG 550 Stock with Mounting Hardware$249.99 Sold Out

Black Swiss SIG SG 550,551,552 stock with hardware. The perfect stock if you are planning on registering your SG553P as an SBR. Free shipping.

Rare Japanese Papa Nambu 8mm Tokyo Arsenal

Rare Japanese Papa Nambu 8mm Tokyo Arsenal Sold Out

This is a Pre-WWII Japanese Papa Nambu pistol. Serial number is 5443 and all numbers match. Almost every small part on this firearm was stamped with at least the last three of the serial number. There is slight pitting, however it has been gone over with a collector grade lubricant and preservative. The bore looks … [View Details]

LanTac Dragon Muzzle Brake DGN556B

LanTac Dragon Muzzle Brake DGN556B$129.99

Caliber: 5.56x45mm Material: Super Hard Milspec Steel Finish: Nitride QPQ Dimensions: 2.570″ x .870″ Weight: 3.2 oz Thread: 1/2-28 RH The LanTac Dragon DGN556B offers improved recoil management over competitors products. It has a unique Short Energy Pulse system that reduces length of recoil so that follow up shot energy does not overlap and knock … [View Details]

Parallax Keymod Rail 13″

Parallax Keymod Rail 13″$209.99

Parallax Tactical brings the lightweight quality of the a keymod rail to an affordable price with their Parallax Keymod Rail system. The entire rail weighs just .75 pounds with the barrel nut and compares very well to the Noveske NSR. Great for your next lightweight AR 15 build. Also available on West Coast Armory – … [View Details]

Level IV Body Armor

Level IV Body Armor$600.00

Manufacturer: Mine Safety Appliances Company Model: CPA26LSC-IV Rating: Level IV (Up to 166gr. .30-06 Armor Piercing Rounds) Size: 10” x 12” Weight: 6.95 Pounds (single plate) 15.35 Pounds (2 Plates and Carrier) Finish: Black These are the real deal. Level IV armor is stronger than AR500 Steel and withstands .30-06 armor piercing rounds and at … [View Details]

Surefire Lawman Free Shipping

Surefire Lawman Free Shipping$454.99

The Surefire Lawman is the brightest flashlight I have seen from Surefire in a relatively compact frame. The Lawman has been designed to rugged duty use, it has rechargeable batteries which last an amazing 37 hours. This is a great backup light or truck light for when you need a lot of light. With a … [View Details]