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Limited Edition SIG P210 Legend #132

Limited Edition SIG P210 Legend #132$2899.99 Sold Out

Sig Sauer of Germany has re-introduced the SIG P210. This is #132 of the limited edition run of 210.  It is based on the heavy frame version 210 and includes improvements such as side magazine release, larger beavertail, smooth safety lever, and improved square sights.

Sterling HK P7M8

Sterling HK P7M8Sold Out

95% HK P7M8 Sterling Import with dim Meprolight Night Sights. Includes 3-Magazines, box, and manual. Internals show very little usage, slight wear on high spot bluing from holster use.

Sig P210-1 High Polish

Sig P210-1 High PolishSold Out

The commercial high gloss (Doutone) P-210-1 was produced in limited supply for the civilian market. This pistol dates to 1951 and retains 95% or more of it’s original finish, is in the 9MM Luger.  No import marks can be found and all numbers match on this fine collectors pistol.


HK P7M8Sold Out

An early import Stag Horn proofed P7M8, HK Chantilly import in excellent condition. This pistol has been fired. but shows very little wear and close to 100% bluing. It includes 3-Magazines, a set of wood replacement grips, the original grips, manual, and a HK box that that has a different serial number than the gun.

SIG P210-6

SIG P210-6$2400.00 Sold Out

Early 1980s SIG P210-6 with box, manual, spare aftermarket magazine, mag loader,  and test target. Rates 95% with some wear around takedown lever and LS wood grip. The gun is very nice with a perfect bore and shows very little use, just handled rough for a collector gun. See if you can call this Beautiful … [View Details]

Heckler Koch USP 45 Elite

Heckler Koch USP 45 Elite$880.00 Sold Out

HK USP’s are some of the finest polymer pistols on the market. The Elite version of the USP is in a class of its own. With a 6” barrel, lightened trigger, fitted slide and o-ring centered barrel: this gun can shoot! If you want an out of the box competition pistol, this sidearm will work … [View Details]

1944 Remington Rand 1911-A1

1944 Remington Rand 1911-A1$1699.99 Sold Out

Remington Rand 1911-A1 in good condition. Serial number puts production in 1944 making this a true WWII 1911-A1. Shows some use on the slide, grip safety and an “idiot mark”. A great piece of history for any fans of the most prolific US military sidearm.

HK P7M8 Chantilly

HK P7M8 ChantillySold Out

Used H&K P7M8 Chantilly import. Clean gun with some holster wear. Includes mis-matched box, manual, 3- magazines, and new meprolight night sights.

HK P7M13

HK P7M13Sold Out

Used P7M13 in good condition, does have holster wear but looks better than in the pictures. Includes a non matching box, new Meprolight night sights, 2 Magazines, and the HK manual (The correct M8/M13 manual will be included, not the 1 in the pictures). Early Chantilly import.

HK P7M13 Mis-Matched

HK P7M13 Mis-MatchedSold Out

This is a LE trade in HK P7M13 that had the slide replaced due to breakage. The Slide that was used has the mill mark on the side, and the old slide is included. Comes with 1 – Magazine and NO WARRANTY / as is. It does shoot, but there is some slight binding in the slide to … [View Details]