Some of the finest preban and collector rifles


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Unfired B-West AK 47

Unfired B-West AK 47$1199.99 Sold Out

This is an unfired B-West AK 47 that only shows handling wear, rated at 99%. There are no cracks in the buttstock, handguard or pistol grip. This package comes in the original cardboard box with cleaning kit, sling and 3 magazines with chrome palted followers.

French Famas

French Famas$13000.00 Sold Out

When we acquired this Famas, we were told it had been fired, however it shows no major wear from firing. This is a rifle for serious collectors. It comes with nine magazines, two cleaning kits, magazine pouch, magzine well plug, grenade sight, two folding cleaning brushes and 3 small parts kits. This is the ultimate … [View Details]

IMI GALIL Model 329 AR 308

IMI GALIL Model 329 AR 308Sold Out

IMI Galil Model 329 Semi-Auto 308 made in Israel and imported by Action Arms. This gun is in excellent condition and has been shot very little. The original cosmoline still remains on the inside of the receiver, and the bolt group looks almost new. It includes 2-original 25 round magazines, 1- 5 round magazine, 2- manuals, scope … [View Details]

Beretta AR70 With Box

Beretta AR70 With Box$2850.00 Sold Out

This rare Beretta AR70/Sport comes with the original box and rates 98% chambered in 5.56mm. The Beretta AR70 was originally adopted by Italy to standardize with the NATO 5.56mm. Very few of these rifles were made, and the ones that were sold were usually shot and used. This is a beautiful example of this solid gun. Imported … [View Details]

SIG SG550 Sniper

SIG SG550 Sniper$28000.00

Extremely Rare Swiss SIG SG550 Sniper Rifle in Excellent Condition.  Includes 6 – 30 Round Mags, 1 – 20 Round Mag, 1 – 5 Round Mag, 2 – Operators Manuals (German and English), Mirage Band, Scope Cleaning Kit, Sling, Swiss Shooting Hat, Matching Scope Mount, Hardcase, and the Original Zeiss 2.5 x 10 Magnification Diavari-Z rail Scope. For information … [View Details]

Colt SP1 AR15 Carbine

Colt SP1 AR15 Carbine$1800.00 Sold Out

Hard to find, alll original Colt SP1 Carbine in used but not abused nice condition. The plastic coated alloy stock is in great condition with only 1 minor scratch. Includes original Colt 20 round magazine.

Valmet M76 308

Valmet M76 308Sold Out

This Valmet M76 7,62×51 would have rated 99% but there are a few rust marks on the top cover, otherwise it is a nice example of a hard to find Valmet. There are no cracks in the stock or buttplate and no signs of wear. It includes 1-20 round magazine.

FN Limited Edition SCAR 16

FN Limited Edition SCAR 16$3200.00 Sold Out

New in hardcase first production 5.56 FN SCAR. This rifle is #28 of the first FN SCAR offered for commercial sales. It is unfired and has been in climate controlled storage for the last 3 years. Includes the Gold letter of authenticity, Storm hardcase, and original dark earth magazine.

SIG PE90 Rifle

SIG PE90 Rifle$22000.00

The SIG PE90 is one of the rarest SIG rifles in the USA, it is said there could be less than 10 of these in the US. The Swiss semi-auto version of the SIG 550 with no import marks, and still retains the bayonet lug and grenade launcher ring on the barrel. This rifle rates 90%+ … [View Details]

Heckler and Koch 91

Heckler and Koch 91$1599.99 Sold Out

This is a great rifle for anyone looking to begin collecting or to step into the realm of Pre-Ban rifles. The HK 91 is a battle rifle that will keep on shooting. It has been repainted and there are marks on the receiver and it shows some claw marks. The date code puts production at … [View Details]