Some of the finest preban and collector rifles


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Heckler and Koch 91

Heckler and Koch 91$1599.99 Sold Out

This is a great rifle for anyone looking to begin collecting or to step into the realm of Pre-Ban rifles. The HK 91 is a battle rifle that will keep on shooting. It has been repainted and there are marks on the receiver and it shows some claw marks. The date code puts production at … [View Details]

Galil 372 ARM 5.56

Galil 372 ARM 5.56$3050.00 Sold Out

Good condition Magnum Research Galil 372 ARM chambered in 5.56mm, .223 Remington, 18″ barrel, includes 3 magazines. The handguard is original wood. No “S” mark making it is a true pre-ban rifle, and a great addition to any collection. For more information on the history of the Galil Galil Rifle History

Heckler and Koch 41

Heckler and Koch 41$9124.99 Sold Out

This is a rare Sante Fe import HK 41 chambered in 7.62×51. It is a very early import that has the original HK designed pin on the lower. Comes with 2 original magazines and an HK collapsable buttstock.

Heckler and Koch 91

Heckler and Koch 91$3499.99 Sold Out

This is a beautiful HK 91 rifle chambered in 308. Comes with factory MSG 90 adjustable buttstock with heavy buffer, PSG 1 trigger group and HK steel bipod. Scope and scopemount included. Comes with 1 magazine.

Valmet M76 .223

Valmet M76 .223$1649.99 Sold Out

This is a beautiful example of an M76 Valmet chambered in .223. No cracks in the buttstock, comes with a 30 round Valmet magazines. No major rust, wear from the safety.

Galil 372 ARM 5.56

Galil 372 ARM 5.56$2950.00 Sold Out

Nice condition Action Arms Galil 372 ARM in 5.56 (223), 18″ barrel, includes 2 magazines and sling. (1-mag not pictured). The handguard has been replaced with an original IMI black synthetic handguard (Original wood panel had cracked). True pre-ban, not a ”S” marked gun, it would make for a great shooter or a nice piece to add to … [View Details]

Belgian FN FAL 50.00 Steyr Import

Belgian FN FAL 50.00 Steyr Import$3999.99 Sold Out

All original matching FN FAL 50.00 in gorgeous and unfired condition. It is a Steyr import and has a Type III receiver and is stamped .308 Match with a Browning style flash hider, includes one magazine. No bipod, no sling, and no box. Rifle looks to be 100%, but as it has been previously owned … [View Details]

Knights SR15 Match

Knights SR15 Match$1800.00 Sold Out

Stoner – Knights SR15 Match Rifle, unfired and in 99%+ condition. 20″ Krieger match barrel, 2 stage trigger, no longer being produced. One of the first tack driving AR-15s.

.308 Norinco Dragunov

.308 Norinco Dragunov$3600.00 Sold Out

This is a extremely rare 7.62x51mm NATO chambered SVD Dragunov, manufactured by Chinese state armaments company, “Norinco”.  This SVD Dragunov is in amazing condition, and the previous owner noted that only 1 full magazine has ever been fired through it:  you can actually count the times it’s been fired by looking as the brass nicks … [View Details]

Knights SR25-K Limited Edition

Knights SR25-K Limited Edition$6000.00 Sold Out

This is a very rare Stoner -Knights SR25K Limited Edition #70 of 100 rifle. It is unfired since leaving the factory and includes all the accessories and letter of authenticity. The barrel fluting is amazing, making a heavy barrel .308 rifle very lightweight and easy to maneuver. It would be a great addition to any … [View Details]