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Heckler and Koch 91

Heckler and Koch 91$1599.99 Sold Out

This is a great rifle for anyone looking to begin collecting or to step into the realm of Pre-Ban rifles. The HK 91 is a battle rifle that will keep on shooting. It has been repainted and there are marks on the receiver and it shows some claw marks. The date code puts production at … [View Details]

Valmet M76 .223

Valmet M76 .223$1649.99 Sold Out

This is a beautiful example of an M76 Valmet chambered in .223. No cracks in the buttstock, comes with a 30 round Valmet magazines. No major rust, wear from the safety.

SIG PE57 in Original Box

SIG PE57 in Original Box$11,800.00 Sold Out

Mandall’s import Unfired New in Box Sig PE 57 in 7.5 x 55 Swiss. Includes 3 magazines, manual, bayonet, cleaning kit and sling. Comes in the original Styrofoam box.