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.308 Norinco Dragunov

.308 Norinco Dragunov$3600.00 Sold Out

This is a extremely rare 7.62x51mm NATO chambered SVD Dragunov, manufactured by Chinese state armaments company, “Norinco”.  This SVD Dragunov is in amazing condition, and the previous owner noted that only 1 full magazine has ever been fired through it:  you can actually count the times it’s been fired by looking as the brass nicks … [View Details]

Prochine Norinco AK47 New in Box

Prochine Norinco AK47 New in Box$1600.00 Sold Out

The Prochine AK47 (56S) was imported for Norinco and it is reported there are less than 4500 Prochine imported AKs. This rifle is new in the box and includes all of the original accessories, box, bayonet, 3-magazines, and sling. The import markings are rough. Copy and paste the link to read more about the Prochine: