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Knights SR15 Match

Knights SR15 Match$1800.00 Sold Out

Stoner – Knights SR15 Match Rifle, unfired and in 99%+ condition. 20″ Krieger match barrel, 2 stage trigger, no longer being produced. One of the first tack driving AR-15s.

Knights SR25-K Limited Edition

Knights SR25-K Limited Edition$6000.00 Sold Out

This is a very rare Stoner -Knights SR25K Limited Edition #70 of 100 rifle. It is unfired since leaving the factory and includes all the accessories and letter of authenticity. The barrel fluting is amazing, making a heavy barrel .308 rifle very lightweight and easy to maneuver. It would be a great addition to any … [View Details]

Colt Gov’t Model 6550 AR15

Colt Gov’t Model 6550 AR15$1350.00 Sold Out

1980′s era Green Label Colt Pre-Ban Government Model AR15 (6550). This rifle has no sear block and retains the bayonet lug. It includes 2 colt magazines and  era correct Colt carry handle mounted scope and scope box (not pictured). The rifle is in excellent condition and appears to have been fired very little.