The Isreal created one of the finest AK variants ever made. The Galil was a excellent choice for a harsh dessert enviroment.

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Galil 372 ARM 5.56

Galil 372 ARM 5.56$3050.00 Sold Out

Good condition Magnum Research Galil 372 ARM chambered in 5.56mm, .223 Remington, 18″ barrel, includes 3 magazines. The handguard is original wood. No “S” mark making it is a true pre-ban rifle, and a great addition to any collection. For more information on the history of the Galil Galil Rifle History

Galil 372 ARM 5.56

Galil 372 ARM 5.56$2950.00 Sold Out

Nice condition Action Arms Galil 372 ARM in 5.56 (223), 18″ barrel, includes 2 magazines and sling. (1-mag not pictured). The handguard has been replaced with an original IMI black synthetic handguard (Original wood panel had cracked). True pre-ban, not a ”S” marked gun, it would make for a great shooter or a nice piece to add to … [View Details]

IMI Galil 386 AR

IMI Galil 386 AR$2999.99 Sold Out

Great condition Action Arms Galil 386 chambered in 5.56mm (.223 Rem), 16″ barrel, includes 4 magazines. True pre-ban rifle with no “S” mark at the end of the serial number. Appears unfired with no wear on the bolt carrier beyond factory test fire. Beautiful firearm to add to a collection. For more information on the … [View Details]

Rare Magnum Research Galil AR 308

Rare Magnum Research Galil AR 308$4350.00 Sold Out

One of the first Galils’ in the country, this early and extremely rare Galil AR 308 is no safe queen but try finding one like it. It has the full auto selector support and a riveted ejector with very unique markings.  Research shows there has only been one of these rifles documented in 308 caliber, and … [View Details]