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Swiss SIG 550 – 551 Hard Case Free Shipping!

Swiss SIG 550 – 551 Hard Case Free Shipping!$900

After searching Switzerland for months we finally located the last of the SIG 550 series hard cases. What makes these very rare is that they are brand new in the box. These were manufactured several years ago and have been sitting at the wholesaler warehouse. From the exporter that located them for us:  ”I was offered … [View Details]

M93BG Practice Rifle Grenade

M93BG Practice Rifle Grenade$380.00 Sold Out

This is a very rare, Belgium made,practice (inert) rifle grenade for the FNC and SIG550 rifles. It is amazing the workmanship that is put into something that is going to self destruct in one use. It is in excellent condition and includes the carry/shipping canister. This will not fit a SG550, but will work the PE90, … [View Details]

SIG 550, PE 90 Adjustable Iris Sight

SIG 550, PE 90 Adjustable Iris Sight$195.00

This “Centra Iris Aperture” adjustable iris sight is designed to be inserted into the rear diopter sight of the SIG 550/551 rifle. The Stgw 90 (SIG 550) has proven capable of shooting 1 MOA out to 300 meters  with open sights in conjuction with the adjustable iris sight. Simply remove the insert in the rear diopter drum … [View Details]

SIG 550 Series 5 Round Magazine

SIG 550 Series 5 Round Magazine$32.00 Sold Out

SIG 5 Round 550 series magazine imported from Switzerland. These 5 round magazines are great for shooting from the bench or the prone position. Price is per magazine. Related Rifles: Sig SG550 Sniper Sig 550 2sp Sig 550 2 sp

SIG 550-2 SP

SIG 550-2 SP$12500.00 Sold Out

Rare transitional Swiss SIG 550 – 2SP.  This rifle is new in the box, unfired with all of the original accessories. The 550-2 SP is the current version of the 550 rifle, with a larger mag well and a 1 in 7 twist barrel, but this rifle has the original 550-1 lower with the smaller … [View Details]